Alfa Romeo 40-60HP Aerodynamica 1914.

Built by an Italian car builder; Carrozzeria Castagna, under the guidance of the visionary, Italian Count Mario Ricotti. Equipped with a wind cheating front section completely enclosing the engine, and the tail designed to a masterfully proportion.

The Alfa Romeo Aerodynamica’s body work was made from reverted aluminium panel, while the elongated windscreen section consisted of three separate pieces of curved glass. The engine and radiator are enclosed inside the body contours and the driver’s seat located over a meter behind the windscreen, this made visibility impeded by the side windows.

Visionary Ricotti later grew tired of his toy that he removed the body and had an open tourer built on the chassis. The body itself later paved the way to succeeding Alfa Romeo’s Musco Storico.

Alfa romeo aerodinamica


Year: 1914

Place of origin: Mila, Italy

Historical Status: Prototype

Engine: Four cylinder, 6.082cc (371ci)

Maximum Power: 70bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: single door, five-seater saloon

Top speed: 138kph (86mph)

Number built: one