Austin seven 1922.

The Austin Seven was unveil in 1922 by Herbert Austin and his 18 year old draughtsman Stanley Edge, after his company’ turnover went down and was briefly run by administrators. The car was built on the idea to “motorize the common man”.

The Austin Seven was a small, cheap conventional car; it offered four seats, a four cylinder engine and four wheel brakes sold at £165. The Seven instantly becomes the world’s leading small car; rights were sold worldwide and was brazenly copied in places like Japan and produced as the first Datsun.

Austin Seven


Year: 1922

Place of origin: Birmingham, UK

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: Four cylinder, 696cc (42ci)

Maximum Power: 10bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: two door, four seater tourer

Top speed: 64kph (40mph)

Number built: 302,000