Auto Union Type C 1935.

Designed and built by Dr Ferdinand Porsche and his chief designer Karl Rabe in 1935.

The type C was an alternate racing car (made name in grand prix). The engine, a 4.300cc (262ci) V16, 32 valve with 2 cylinder blocks positioned in 45 degrees angle. The engine was positioned in the middle with the fuel tank placed between the driver and the engine.

The Type C was supercharged by a V16 engine 6.006cc (367ci) and was equipped with a ZF limited slip differential for proper road handling. The car won 33 victories in all the 59 races during it brief time.

Auto union type C


Year – 1935

Place of Origin – Zwickau

Historical Status – Grand Prix racing car

Engine – V16 cylinder, 6006cc (367ci)

Max. Power – 520bhp

Layout – mid mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Body work – single seater racer

Top Speed – 340kph (211mph)

Number built – 30 different cars in modification not completely new models.