Invented by Karl Benz (before merging with Gottlieb Daimler to form Mercedes Benz) and was made officially in 1886 after his patent was registered. Karl Benz’s three wheeler, had a single cylinder, four stroke internal combustion engines hit the roads of Maanheim, Germany in 1885.

In 1888, Karl Benz produced an improved version of his tiller steered tricycle on sale. By 1893, he introduced his newly designed Benz Velo which by then went on to become the world’s first production car.



Year: 1885

Place of origin: Maanheim, Germany

Historical Status: Prototype

Engine: single cylinder, 954cc (58ci)

Layout: rear-mounted engine driving the rear wheel

Body work: none

Top speed: 16kph (10mph)

Number built: one