Bugatti Royale Type 41. (1926).

The La Royale, as fondly called by the producer, an Italian-born carmaker Ettore Bugatti was a car designed to woe emperors and kings.

Bugatti Royale had a 12,763cc (779ci) straight eight engine with three valve per cylinder with just a single carburettor. It possesses a wheel base of 4.3m(14ft), cast-alloy wheels measuring 60com(24inch), with the overall length of 6.4m (21ft) which made it longer than most limousine built in its days. The engine size was 1.4m (4.5ft) in length.

The Bugatti Royal was a magnificent car, but it came at an unfortunate period when the world was in depression. It took six long years for the first one to be delivered in 1932. Only six models of Royale were ever produced in total.

Bugatti Royal was a beauty in its own class, till the present day. Classic car collectors never stop to marvel at this true leviathan and will do anything to get their hands on one.



Year: 1926

Place of Origin: Molsheim, Alsace, France

Historical Status: Production Car.

Engine: 8 cylinder, 12,763cc (779ci)

Maximum Power: 300bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Body Work: Two seater roadster, five seater saloon, five seater tourer

Top Speed: Unknown

Number built: six