Burney Streamline 1930.

The Burney streamline was designed by Sir Dennison Burney founder of the Streamline Cars 1928. He was a well-respected British inventor during the WWI who designed airships before dabbling into cars in the 1930s.

The streamline was designed and built to mimic and aircraft fuselage with its engine at the rear end. It boasts of an independent suspension and hydraulic brakes; as all Burney’s cars, with a spare wheel concealed inside the rear door.

The Burney Streamline was powered by a twin cam, straight eight engines and achieved a top speed of 129kph (80mph). One of the many known disadvantages of the Streamline was overheating and was prone to catching fire. It was also very expensive in its time, in all, only 13 of Burney’s streamline cars were ever made each one different from the other.

burney streamline1


Year – 1930

Place of Origin – Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

Historical Status – Production Car

Engine – eight-cylinder, 2.956cc (180ci)

Max. Power – unknown

Layout – rear mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Body work – four door, seven seater salon

Top Speed – 29kph (80mph)

Number built – 12