Chrysler Airflow 1934.

The Airflow was designed and built by Walter Chrysler with his team of consultant engineers called” the three Musketeers” (Carl Breer, Fred Zeder and Owen Skelton). The Chrysler airflow came about after over 50 experiments by the group on different models in a wind tunnel.

The airflow was said to be over advanced for American car buyers, who considered it to be too radical with its puncture-proof tyres and automatically engaging overdrive.

Despite its restyling and other improvements made to the airflow the following year, it never did made good sales.

chrysler airflow


Year –1934

Place of Origin – Detroit Michigan, USA

Historical Status – Production Car

Engine – eight cylinder, 4,883cc (298ci)

Max. Power – 122bhp

Layout – front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Body work – two – four door, six seater salon

Top Speed – 142kph (88mph)

Number built – 29,345