Fiat S76 300HP 1911.

Built in 1911 by Italian engineers, the fiat elephantine S76 tried to erase the record speed of Blitzen Benz. They came up with a monumental overhead valve engine of 28,353cc (1,730ci) that produced 300bhp at 1,800rpm, yet it could only be supported by four cylinders.

The engine was so tall that the drivers will have to peer around the edge of the bonnet, but the narrow shape made it aerodynamic.

Modifications were carried out on the S76 when it was dispatched to Britain’s Brooklands circuits, it managed to do the best speed of 187kph (116mph) in Middlesbrough setting a record for the fastest flying mile time.



Year: 1911

Place of origin: Turin, Italy

Historical Status: speed record Car

Engine: Four cylinder, 28.353cc (564ci)

Maximum Power: 300bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: two seater racer

Top speed: 220kph (137mph)

Number built: two