Ford Model T 1908.

Henry Ford’s Model T was a revolution in the 20th century car manufacturing. Model T was built with an extensive use of vanadium and heat treated steel which made the model T light but still retains a sturdy look with 27cm (10.5inch) of road clearance. It possesses a hefty suspension to cope with rough roads and the drivetrain was close to keep out dust.

The model T was such a success that a year later, Fords accounted for half of all American cars built. Model T came in various colors due to the introduction of moving line mass production. Model T ended its 19 year life in 1927 with a total production of 15,007,033.

ford model t001


Year: 1908

Place of origin: Detroit, US

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: Four cylinder, 2896cc (177ci)

Maximum Power: 20bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: two seater roundabout or coupe, four seater tourer, seven seater landaulette/saloon

Top speed: 64kph (40mph)

Number built: 15,007,033