Higham Thomas “Babs Special” 1923 – 1925.

The Babs special was an unfinished car bought of a Count Zborowshk, by John Godfrey Thomas in 1923 at the price of £125. After improvement and modification, it was officially known as Higham special.
Higham Babs was powered by 25,900 cc (1.581ci), a V12 Liberty aero engine. Higham, with Babs first put their name in the record book in 1925 on Pendling Sands in South Wales which didn’t turn out to Higham, satisfaction.

In April, 1926, Higham returned with Babs to Pendine once more after a few modifications on the body and the engine, and pushed the Babs to the record of 272,46kph (171.02mph).

The following year took a dramatic turn on events when the Babs record was broken by one Malcolm Campbell, Higham, suffering from flu, unofficially pushed babs to a 290kph at Pendine when one of the drive chain snapped and Babs crashed and caught fire; Higham Thomas lost his life in the accident.



Year: 1923-25

Place of Origin: Higham, Kent

Historical Status: Speed Record Car

Engine: V12-cylinder, 25,900cc (1,581ci)

Maximum Power: 450 bhp

Layout: Front Mounted Engine driving the rear wheels.

Body Work: single seater racer

Top Speed: 290kph (180mph)

Number built: approx. one