Lancia Lambada 1922.

Vincenzo Lancia was inspired by shipbuilding principles for the Lambada concept. Lancia Lambada was one of those cars that bristled with then latest technology when it was introduced to the public in 1922, its engine, suspension and overall frame was a masterpiece.

One of the new features Vincenzo used was the ability to do away with a separate chasis unlike its predeccessors. The overall body frame was made from a hard pressed steel skeleton which also is used to formed the chasis.

The Lancia’ single overhead camshaft engine was then the first to enter mass production, the pistons and engine block were made from aluminium and the front were supported by an independent suspension which was also a breakthrough at that them.

So much can be said of the Lambada; from the rigidity of its overall body frame, the carefully weighted front end to the compactness of the power unit. These ground breaking technological breakthrough made the Lambada above its competitors.



Year: 1922

Place of Origin: Turin Italy

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: V4-cylinder, 2.12cc (129ci)

Body Work: four-door, five seater tourer

Top Speed: 113kph (70mph)

Number built: approx. 11,200