The name Porsche came to public acknowledgement in the 1900. The Lohner was built by Ferdinand Porsche, a 24 years old Austrian born electrical engineer.

Porsche’s Lohner was a nimble front wheel drive car which did away with any kind of complicated transmission and bulky driveshaft by turning an electric motor into a wheel hub itself.

Porsche later produced the Lohner Mixte which was speculated to be the first hybrid car ever made. The vehicle was built with a small petrol engine connected directly to an 80 volt dynamo, this acted as an on board generator which produces electricity to power the wheel mounted motors while it drives along.

lohner porche


Year: 1899

Place of origin: Vienna, Austria

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: electric motor and also petrol-electric hybrid

Maximum Power: unknown

Layout: wheel mounted electric motor driving the front wheels; rear mounted engine powering electric motors in all wheels.

Bodywork: two or four seater

Top speed: unknown

Numbers Built: unknown