MayBach DS8 Zeppelin 1931.

The DS8 was a brainchild of Wilhel MayBach, a German aviation engineer. It was formerly referred to as German Rolls Royce.

Maybach DS8 possesses an impressive chassis and was powered by a V12 engine. The Maybach DS8 earned its place among the leviathans with a wheel base at the length of 37cm (12.ft). The DS8 was fronted by a radiator 9cm (3.ft) in diameter sitting and a 2m (7.ft) long bonnet with a gearbox that boast of eight speed.

The Maybach was very costly during its time, it was estimated its price was enough to buy five large homes in the 1930s. Between 1921 and 1941, 2000 of the Maybach was ever sold in all. The company was later acquired by Mercedes.

maybach DS8 zeppelin


Year –1931

Place of Origin – Friedrichschafen, Germany.

Historical Status – Production Car

Engine – V12 Cylinder, 7,978cc (487ci)

Max. Power – 200bhp

Layout – front mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Body work – five and seven seater saloons and limousines, two seater roadster.

Top Speed – 166kph (103mph)

Number built – approx. 175