Mercedes 500k/540k 1934

The 500k was built around a 5.0 litre engine. It was a magnificent car as all Mercedes cars. The engine was moved 7inches back in the chassis to allow the grill to be set further back behind the axle line, with a long bonnet to accommodate the engine.

The 500k came with many body styles at the time of its production. It was designed and built in-house at Sindelfingen. With the overall, it produced a good performance but car critics at the time believed it didn’t meet expectation.

The 500k was then replaced with the 540k in 1936 exhibiting a 180bph. It only does this when the supercharger was employed in a short burst. It was known to scream and was believed that it has to do with an increment in its performance; this helped in the cars’ fuel economy which falls to 8mpg

The Mercedes K cars were charismatic caricatures but they were the ultimate embodiment of the 1930s style.

mercedes 500K


Country:                              Germany

Production Date:              1934 – 1939

Engine:                                 straight eight (OHV) supercharge. 5,018 – 54,01cc

Max Power:                       160 – 180bhp

Transmission:                    3 -40+ speed Overdrive

Speed:                                  105mpg (0-50 in 16 seconds)

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