Mercedes 60HP 1903.

Built in 1903 as an improved version of Mercedes 35hp by Paul Daimler; the eldest son of Gottlieb Daimler founder of the brand name.

Mercedes 35hp was a revolutionary car, held together by a pressed steel chassis frame, occupants sat behind a four cylinder engine. It’s centre of gravity was lowered which helped to improve drivability and road handling. The much improved version, the Mercedes 60hp was unveiled in 1903 and it sat at the top of the range, it was one of the most advanced vehicles on the market and immediately inspired imitators ever.

mercedes 60hp


Year: 1903

Place of origin: Bad Constartt, Germany

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: Four cylinder, 9235cc (564ci)

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: various custom made tourers and saloons

Top speed: 90kph (56mph)

Number built: unknown