Mercedes Benz T80 – 1939.

Mercedes T80 ” Six Wheeler”

The Mercedes T80 was a product of a dream team of Mercedes Benz construction engineers and Ferdinand Porsche in 1937.
The T80 was all about speed. It was a pet project of a racing driver Hans Stuck, who managed to persuade Adolf Hitler to help in commissioning of the project.

As a six wheeler, T80’s chassis was a vast 44,500cc (2,715cc) V12 engine which was normally found in a Messerschmitt BF 109 fighter aircraft. Its four rear wheels were driven using a slipping clutch disc system, instead of the more conventional gearbox to propel them to the engine power at 150kph (93mph).

The steel space frame was covered in a startling; wing body complete with faired in cockpit which is instrumental to the achievement of the incredible drag co-efficient of just 0.18

The initial proposed target speed of the T80 was 550 to 600 kph (342 to 373 mph) and ultimately to 700kph (435 mph). To bring the car to a stop after 1 km of breaking distance, the T80 was fitted with six brake drums, each 500mm in diameter…

mercedes-benz T80


Year: 1939

Place of Origin: Stuttgart, Germany

Historical Status: Speed record car

Engine: V12 cylinder 44,500cc

Maximum Power: 3.000bhp ext.

Layout: mid mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: single seater racer

Top Speed: 600kph (373mph)

Number Built: one