Monotrace 1925.

The Monotrace was a two wheeled car with a pair of stabilizer wheel on the side. It boasts of a single cylinder 510cc (31ci) engine which was concealed in its tail driving the rear wheel via chains through the motorcycle gear box.

The monotrace was produced and introduced to the public between 1925 and 1928 in France but was believed the concept was from Germany by the Mauser Armaments factory in early 1921.

The driver had to make do with a small windscreen with a huge steering wheel and motor bike crossbars. The stabilizers were retractable from the early edition, but on the monotrace, it could be raised or lowered using a lever.

Despite its strange design, few customers bought it to enable them go from point A to B.



Year: 1925

Place of Origin: St, Etienne, Loire, France

Historical Status: Production Car

Engine: Single cylinder, 510cc (31ci)

Maximum Power: unknown

Layout: rear mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Body Work: two seater tourer

Top Speed: unknown

Number built: approx. 300