Opel Rak 2 “Rocket Car” 1928.

Opel Rak 2 was the response to car makers to make a rocket powered car. Franz Von Opel assisted by Wilhelm Sander, a rocket scientist produced the Rak 1 in 1927.

In April 1928, equipped with solid fuel rockets, Rak 1 reached a record speed of 100kph (62mph) in just eight seconds. A radical modification and improvement turned it into Rak 2.

Opel Rak 2 was designed and equipped with 24 cluster powered rockets, which was to provide a 6000kg (13,228lb) of thrust. Rak 2, with the delight of onlookers reached a record of 238kph (148mph).

The Rak 2 was a headline maker and because of this achievement, General Motors bought Opel’s car making interest in 1928 at the sum of $66.7m.

opel rak 2


Year: 1928

Place of Origin: Russelshiem, Germany.

Historical Status: Speed record Car

Engine: Record Propulsion

Maximum Power: unknown

Layout: Rocket propulsion unit to the rear

Body Work: single seater racer

Top Speed: 238kph (48mph)

Number built: one