Peugeot 402 Andreau 1936.

Peugeot 402 Andreau (N4X

Code named N4X, the Peugeot 402 was first seen by the public at the 1936 Paris salon. The cars astonishing presence caused a stare among automobile enthusiasts and car makers alike. It was presented as a vision of a family salon of the near future.

The 402 was a sleek looking car, with a gracefully curved mudguard and headlamps concealed behind the radiator grille. The car wasn’t really made with aero-dynamism in mind, the streamlined body estimates the cars top speed at 140kph (80mph). The entire Peugeot’s plan to build more of these streamlined cars of the future was abandoned due to the emergence of the World War II.



Year – 1936

Place of Origin – Paris, France

Historical Status – Prototype

Engine – four cylinder, 1991cc (121ci)

Max. Power – 55bhp

Layout – front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Body work – four door five seater salon

Top Speed – 140kph (87mph)

Number built – six