Rolls Royce “Silver Ghost” 1906

The Rolls Royce 40/50hp aka “Silver Ghost” was designed by Henry Royce to meet the demand of from the Edwardian motorists, for a car to carry the epitome of luxurious coachwork.

It was first unveiled in 1906 London Olympia Motor Show, boasting of six cylinder engine and an overdrive four speed. Silver Ghost went into series of public tests from the month of May 1907 by a team of drivers and Hon. Charles Rolls. It rapped an observed 24,000 km (15,000 miles), and this went on for six weeks and at the end of the tests, the Rolls Royce silver ghost made a quite good impression on the mind of the public

Rolls Royce silver ghost


Year: 1906

Place of origin: Manchester, UK

Historical Status: Production Car

Maximum Power: 48bhp

Engine: Six cylinder, 7,036cc (429ci)

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels

Bodywork: various custom made tourers and limousines

Top speed: 89kph (55mph)

Number built: 6,173