SunBeam Bluebird 1924.

Speed junkies of the 1922 began to experiment with aircraft engines to push the boundaries of speed. An engine was installed in a sunbeam chasis to produce a car with record breaking capabilities.

It was re-designed to produce 350hp,50hp more than that of an aircraft then, a shaft-drive was added to the rear wheels which was considered to be a safer practice.

Kenelm Lee Guiness pushed the Sunbeam to a record breaking speed of 215,25kph in Brooklands in 1922. The sunbeam was later bought by another speed freak, Malcolm Campbell who modified the car’s aerodynamic capabilities and painted the sunbeam to blue and named it “Bluebird”. Malcolm achieved a ground speed time of 235,22kph in September 1924 at Pendine Sands in south Wales.

He was said to be the first man to drive at a speed of more than 240kph (150mph).

350HP Sunbeam Bluebird 2


Year: 1924

Place of Origin: Wolverhampton, UK

Historical Status: Speed record Car

Engine: V12-cylinder, 18,322cc (1,118ci)

Maximum Power: 350bhp

Layout: front mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Body Work: single seater racer

Top Speed: 245kph (152mph)

Number built: one